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Product Guy | Full Stack Developer | FOSS Proponent | Consultant | Server-Side Expert | Idea To Prototype Builder | Python Charmer | ML & DS Enthusiast | Writer | Traveller | Foodie | Pychology Student | Wanderer...
This is one topic that I follow passionately!
This is Manish Hatwalne, the founder of Orisys Software. I have 21+ years of software development experience and I am still a hands-on techie. I am primarily a product development guy and I enjoy building products, prototypes with FOSS technologies. I am a full stack developer with more inclination and expertise in server side development using Python and Java. Although I am comfortable with client-side technologies and frameworks as well. I have exclusively worked with American and European product development and SaaS organizations for more than 11 years. I was a key member of a large B2B product since its inception and stayed with it for almost 10 years - in the process building it & growing it to serve 250+ paying enterprise customers in the USA market.

I have my masters in CS (MCA) and PG Diploma in Advanced Computing from C-DAC (Pune). I have taken short courses in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Product Design & Innovation from IDC, IIT Bombay. Irrespective of the product and domain, I am quite fascinated by the design process itself and I get involved in it often.

Until 2015 I built software products exclusively for the USA and UK clients with small distributed teams spread across the globe. Since 2016, I am working as a technology consultant/architect with few promising Indian startups and I help them to envisage, design and build their products.

Software Development Experience

I started my career back in 1999 with a mid-size, service oriented company that catered to International software & telecom leaders. In the initial 3-4 years of my career, I worked with organizations focussed on consulting/services and I worked with product based organizations for 16+ years later. Working with service oriented organizations has given me exposure to diverse technologies and variety of projects. Whereas my long association with product based organizations has given me thorough exposure to enterprise applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service(SaaS) and vision to transform an idea from inception to a real-life, robust product and growing it with scalability and innovation. Converting an idea to a prototype or product really drives me and I have enjoyed doing this for several products since 2003. The Orisys Software Portfolio should give a better idea about my experience/exposure.

I am experimenting with Machine Learning (ML) since 2015 and built a commercial ML web application with Python/Django for a talent assessment startup. Around 2018-2019, I was working exclusively with a Pune (India) based organization that specializes in building Machine Learning (ML) solutions, products for international clients across several verticals - from healthcare to equity market. I have used both, classical machine learning as well as newer deep learning with TensorFlow.

Recently I built a computer vision app to help ground level users to collect data, another app MediConsent to help doctors during Covid-19 pandemic, and I'm working on a twitter bot for appropriate, sensitive reporting of suicides.

Contributions - What keeps me busy?

  • My Zen Path - I write articles about rethinking work and life here, more about purposeful work and meaningful life. I also present stories of unconventional individuals who have chosen their own path.
  • - it is an online community for foodies to discuss various recipes, restaurants and other information related to food/nutrition. This has given me better understanding of user engagement with online communities and social media.
  • Participated in Google Hackathon, Pune GDG and developed an emergency help android app prototype in 24 hours inspired by Delhi gang rape case that took place in Dec 2012.
  • Contributed to the MediaWiki Mobile App using PhoneGap during MediaWiki Pune Hackathon, added 2 new enhancements to the 'Nearby Search' feature.
  • Co-author of the leading Java certification products including J@Whiz 1.4 by Whizlabs, nominated for the best Java training products by JDJ.
  • Contributed to Java-GUI FAQs.
  • Contributed a patch to open source project FCK editor.
  • I was involved as a technical reviewer for the book J2EE 1.4: The Big Picture.
  • Involved as a technical reviewer for Kathy Sierra's books Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 and Head First Java.
  • Participated as a Beta Tester for Sun's SCJP 1.4 beta exam in 2002.

Publications & Blogs

  • Java Ranch : Equals and Hashcode - An article discussing correct implementation of two important methods of java.lang.Object class. This article has been referred by quite a few blogs/sites including JBoss/Hibernate and likes. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign refers to it and has some API code based on this idea. Written way back in 2002, the article still ranks on the first page in google search for search term Equals & Hashcode!
  • Blogs - I infrequently write a technical blog at and a personal, non-technical blog at Ramblings to Reflections. Long ago, I used to maintain a blog about Anil Awachat with few other friends. We also carried out some constructive activities through Anil Awachat community on Orkut. There are lot of articles, activities and reviews about his books here. Though not updated regularly, the blog ranks in the first 3-4 links in Google search for term 'Anil Awachat'.
  • Some of my technical articles have been published on and

The Wanderer…

Besides being a die-hard techie, I have several other interests that I try to pursue actively. I happen to be a multipotentialite - I love travelling, trekking, writing (technical as well as non-technical), photography, food (relishing as well as cooking), films, psychology and so on. Read further if you're really interested.

I am interested in Psychology and I have completed few courses as well - I am a Certified Occupational Testing Professional, an accredited professional member of Indian Institute of Business Psychology (IIBP), and a Certified Psychometric Test Professional (CPTP) from Middle Earth HR. I have also completed a Diploma in Experiential Education and Practice (DEEP) from Vishwas Parchure. I facilitate selective workshops for professionals as well as for adolescents. I also help individuals with their self-exploration, self-actualization and associated career transitions through My Zen Path.

I took a sabbatical in 2014 and explored & experimented with quite a few things. I went to a retreat in Himalayas, completed Applied Buddhist Psychology course, did another course in Science Of Happiness and learnt more about positive psychology there, launched, conducted few workshops & sessions for professionals and teenagers. I also read & explored a lot about self discovery during this period. I discovered and learnt a lot about myself in this sabbatical and I continue to draw insights from that journey. I conducted a short session about this Self Exploration Journey at ThoughtWorks, Pune in early 2015.

I am an INFJ and my idea about career is called as Spiral-Expert career concept, with strong 'Spiral' inclination. It indicates that I give more importance to exploring, learning and experiencing new things instead of climbing the typical corporate ladder. I am building my work and lifestyle around who I am, and around my interests. I am slowly getting there, it is more of a journey than a destination.

In a nutshell, I believe in growing in multiple directions, exploring different paths and unidirectional vertical growth doesn't excite me much. That's me, the way I see it.